Each student is to post evaluative comments on Group #4’s Tegrity presentation.

  • Students responses will be graded based on the following:
    • The student will review the Tegrity presentation by Group 4 and make substantial, evaluative comments on their findings as follows:
      • Summarize specifics of the informatics topic presented by the group and how it relates to nursing care, research, theory, patient safety, nursing practice, and general healthcare. (40 points)
      • What did you learn from the presentation, please be specific? (25 points)
      • Was there something in the presentation that could have been improved on or needed further detail? If so, what? (worth up to 25 points)
      • Where the citations/references within the Tegrity presentation in correct APA format? (worth up to 5 points)
      • Post your answer by the due date/time (refer to syllabus for details) (worth up to 5 points)

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