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January 14, 2021

Question: Study Glen’s (2003) chapter on “Nurturing Motivation.” Pick two of the eleven ways that Glen suggests for creating a motivating environment of geek creativity. In the first paragraph summarize the motivator and give an example of how it might be effective. Make up an example or share a real life story to illustrate. (it’s better to give others example which should suitable because you do not know about my experiences right)

In the second paragraph describe ways that we can retain our technology workers. Note the motivational value of Cavanaugh’s (2013) self-awareness tools in engaging employees. Also, read the Deloitte (2016) study on millennial motivators and choose from any of the other articles to find ways that millennial geeks can be motivated to stay employed.

Be sure to cite and reference Glen (2003), Cavanaugh (2013), and Deloitte (2016) in your post.

write in APA format

write between 250 to 300 words

provide reference at the bottom as mentioned in the question

you can find Deloitte (2016) in online


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