(1) DUE WEDNESDAY MAY 2: An initial post that cites one line of evidence that supports Plate Tectonic Theory (5 pts). In your post, you MUST

include the original quote (from the text or video);

cite the source of the quote;

write an interpretation of the quote re-stated in your own words;

describe what reading strategy you used to make sense of the material for this assignment. (If you need a refresher about reading strategies, open the MARSI quiz for a reminder. Right-click to open in a new tab

(2) DUE FRIDAY MAY 4: Three responses to your peer’s initial posts (1 pt each). Each response must make a connection to one of this week’s other learning objectives (listed below). At least one response must also make a connection with your (or a fellow peer’s) reading strategies – successes and challenges:

How seismic waves reveal Earth’s interior

One of the three forces that cause the tectonic plates to move

One of the three types of plate boundaries, its direction of relative motion and what feature(s) help us recognize it.

A comparison between the age of the seafloor and the age of the continents

A comparison between the rock type of the seafloor and the rock type of the continents

A comparison between the densities of the seafloor and continents

A comparison between the thickness of the seafloor and the thickness of the continents.

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