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Remember to save your response after answering each question.

This exam consists of FOUR parts.

  1. Oral Communication: You will be required to analyze a speech. 20 marks
  2. Media Awareness: Questions deal with advertising, purpose and audience, and critical media theory. 20 marks
  3. Novel Study: You will have a choice of essay questions that are based on the novel you read for the course. Answer ONE question.  30 marks
  4. Hamlet: You will have a choice of essay questions to respond to. Answer ONE question. 30 marks

This three hour exam counts for 30% of your final mark in the course.


For definition questions, first think about the general meaning of the word or phrase.  You should then think about the word or phrase in the context of the course.  Think about why this definition is important to the general concepts and themes within the course.  Your goal should be not only to define a term, but also to illustrate its significance within the course.

Short Answer Questions

These questions will ask you to demonstrate your knowledge of concepts covered in the course content.  Look for key words which will indicate how to answer a short answer question.  These key terms can be

  • Identify: who, what, where, why, when, etc.
  • Demonstrate: provide evidence to argue, explain, or defend a statement or conclusion.
  • Describe: written representation of the ideas or concepts in the question.
  • Evaluate: Interpret, dissect, and interpret a provided concept.
  • Compare/Contrast/Relate: identify similarities, differences, and cause and effect relationships among ideas.

Pay very close attention to what the question is asking.  The mark allocated for these questions offers a good idea of how much evidence is required to obtain full marks.

Document Analysis

Think about what the question is asking.  Some questions may ask for factual replies, whereas some may ask that you interpret the document and provide your opinion.  Opinions should be based on ideas and concepts presented within the course and should be supported by evidence.

Many questions may also ask you to provide an explanation of the significance of a particular document.  Your answer to these questions should also be supported by evidence, linking the document to concepts or themes that were studied within the course.

Essay Questions

Make sure you understand the question. Highlight the key points and the relevant information.

Plan your answer before you begin to write. Outline the key points you want to make. Don’t include information that is not relevant to the question. Make sure your key points are clear. They should be obvious to the reader and be the focus of your answer.

Use correct terminology related to the course, and support your ideas with examples and evidence.

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