For this Lab create an APA Style Title page and Reference section for the project you intended to conduct. Cite 5 references that you reviewed for your paper. Below are some guidelines to help in completing this lab.

Title Page and References

Purpose: Prepare an APA style title page and reference section using the references for the research planning to conduct.


Title Page: The title page signifies to the reader the title of the manuscript, the author of the manuscript, and the author’s affiliation (e.g., Northern Kentucky University). Please check the examples to observe the correct formatting for a title page.

References: The reference section provides references to all the material cited within the manuscript. In general, citing a source whenever you make a claim strengthens that claim and makes it more credible. Citing multiple sources for a specific claim strengthens your claim even further. For any source you cite within your manuscript, you must list a complete reference to that source within your reference section. Please see the examples regarding correct formatting of the reference section.

Title Page:

Does your title page contain a running head?

Does your title page have the title of your article?

Does your title page have your name on it?

Does your title page have your affiliation on it?

Is the title page formatted correctly?


Do you provide a reference for each source that you cite within the manuscript?

Are your references formatted in APA format (e.g., hanging indents)?

Does each reference contain: Authors, year, title, journal, volume and issue number, and page numbers?




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