please use the link below to find the necessary sources required in this project.
also please stay away from difficult words and phrases.

You may write your short paper on one and one only of the following questions.

From the Message to Congress, July 4, 1861: Lincoln writes this message predominantly in the passive voice (e.g., It was believed; no choice was left ) Is L simply unsure of himself, just a few months into his presidency? Is he trying to convey that the South has forced all this upon him? Or, in some sense, has L been impelled to action . . . by some power over which the mind itself has no control?

From the Meditation on the Divine Will: If Gods will prevails but the human instrumentalities are of the best adaptation to effect his purpose, what can the parties do to end this war?
From the Letter to Greeley, what is Lincolns war policy, and how does it accord with his personal wishes?


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