Our project plan is going to improve the social media for the Yorkshire Waterway Museum to help them attract more visitors. To achieve that we manage to: run a period time of Facebook and Twitter for them and teach them how to take use of it when we finish our job;Refund their website to make it more attractive; deliver the importance of social media to the staff in the museum. The content of our project is quiet detail in the PPT, please take good use of it.

In our team, we are currently a group of three. Patrick is our leader, but he is more like coach. He always helps both of us to understand the content issues and he is quiet good at structure the mission down into different parts. Kunal and I are both the assistant in the group for it is a group of three. Kunal is good at communication, English is not the first language for both us but when I cannot understand when we are talking; he will try his best to explain to me very detail. As the assistant in the group, I always follow what I need to do and try to provide more useful ideas. Though we are a international team but I think we work together quiet well.


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