For this assignment you will be modifying the Phone Book application provided and recreating it to be an AddressBook application.

Use the CreatePhoneBookDB class provided and add some data to the table to create an address book.  Make sure to create a primary key that is truly unique, include first and last name, phone number, street address, and email address.  Modify the code to add these fields to the table, then be sure to add data to the insert statements.  Run this to create the AddressBookDB.

Modify the PhoneBookManager and PhoneBookDemo programs to become an address book application and display the first and last name of each person in the address book for users to choose from.  When the user views a person be sure to display all information associated with that record.  Allow the user to edit each field, not just the phone number.  The user should be able to update anything tied to the person in the address book with the exception of the primary key.  Make sure when a new person is added to the address book all information is asked for and recorded.  Keep the functionality that allows the user to delete a record.

These are the minimum requirements for this assignment.


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