Reading Response #7

Read “Of Practice,” by Michel de Montaigne. For your reading response, respond to the follow question: Montaigne writes, “This account of so trivial an event would be rather pointless, were it not for the instruction that I have derived from it for myself. . . .” This is as concise a description of the significance, or theme of the essay as I have found. What is the “instruction,” or “theme” that Montaigne has in reflecting on the near-death experience related in the essay? He goes on to write, “What is useful to me may also by accident be useful to another.” What additional significance or theme, if any, do you get in reading the last section of the essay (the one that begins with C)?

Reading Response #8

Read “A Piece of Chalk,” by G.K. Chesterton. For your reading response, respond to the following: This is a seemingly simple narrative about a seemingly simple topic. But I think it is a good short example of the elements of plot in literature. Read “Plot” and then identify the five-part structure of the essay (note, in an essay, the five parts are not equal in length; one or more parts may be a paragraph or two while others no more than one or two sentences or merged with other parts) — exposition, rising action/conflict, climax, falling action, and resolution. How does this narrative structure work to reveal the theme of the essay?

Reading Response #9

Read “Death of the Moth,”by Virginia Woolf. For your reading response, respond to the following: Moths do not seem to be an obvious topic for a reflective essay. What is it about this moth that leads to Woolf’s reflection? What is it about the “spectacle” of the moth’s death that she finds “extraordinary”? You might keep in mind, especially reading the last paragraph, that this essay was written in 1942 outside of London at the height of WWII just a year after the Blitz, the nightly bombing of London by Germany. How might this relate to the theme of the essay for those reading it then compared to us reading it now?

Name the file for this week’s responses W04xyz.doc, where xyz = your initials. Submit the assignment by attaching your file in the submission area below. Be sure to click on Submit to Dropbox to complete the submission.



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