Unit 3 Individual Project Offender Classification

January 16, 2021

Individual Case Analysis 2

January 16, 2021

Recruitment Strategy and Selection Strategy

Create: a 12–slide presentation with speaker notes using Microsoft Power Point outlining the steps in the new hire training process for your company.

Summarize the following information in your presentation:

  • Identify at least three discrimination laws that could be violated in the recruitment and selection of employees, and explain how to avoid those violations.
  • Identify components of negligent hiring practices, and explain how to avoid claims.
  • Describe minimum wage and overtime requirements under FLSA.
  • Identify at least three categories of employees, the advantages of each of the categories compared to independent contractors, and the disadvantages of each of the categories.

Format: your presentation consistent with APA guidelines.

Create: correctly formatted APA references and a title page, and include a minimum of three references.


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