In class We have been exploring the abyss between aggressive and assertive behaviors.

*The research paper requires you to select a Hperson, alive or dead, that exhibited one of those behaviors as dominant. (Please do this paper on Obama being Assertive)

*Articulate their behaviors; the results of their behavior and whether it proved to be positive or negative in their lives and the lives of those that they may have touched.

* You will explain that person particular behavior trait (assertive, non-assertive or aggressive) and how that behavior impacted and affect his/her life and those around them.

*This Research paper should include a minimum of 5 cited sources.

Paper must be in APA Format –

Use Arial or Times New Roman 12 point font

Double space the entire assignment including the Title page and References page

Margins should be 1″ on all sides of the entire length of your document, including the Title page and References page (This should already be the default setting).

Place a running head and page number on each page, including the Title and References pages. The running head text must be flush left and the page numbers flush right.

– On the title page, the page header consists of the words “Running head” (Note: the R is capitalized, the h is not) followed by a colon and the title of paper all in CAPITAL LETTERS. Subsequent pages should NOT use the words Running head, but continue to use CAPITAL LETTERS. Subsequent pages do NOT contain the words Running head, but continue to use CAPITAL LETTERS. Example – Running head: TITLE OF PAPER. – A maximum of four words is used for the running head (excluding the words, Running head) if your title is longer, use only the first four words of your title.


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