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As part of your college experience there are many different types of stressors in your life. Ask yourselves, do they include both positive and negative experiences, Eustress and Distress? Is it good to have a little Distress at times or should you have none at all? (See your book for information)


“Student A” – When I first started college I was experiencing a lot of distress, I didn’t know how to handle being a full-time student and a full-time employee. As I went through the process I changed my schedule according to my circumstances and I had to take less classes , that helped a lot with the distress. After getting used to this new schedule I started experiencing eustress. I had less homework and less tests to study for so it wasn’t a heavy load, it was something that I could handle but that I felt confident about. Taking these online classes has also helped me I’m not worried about arriving to school on time after work and I can manage my assignments. I think that having a little bit of distress is good to be able to show you what you can handle and what you need to change.

“Student B” – Hello kinlec class, I feel I have experience both negative and positive experiences. I consider most of my experiences as eustress, Although at my age some of the experiences can put me under a little distress. The thing is that even though these experiences can cause a little distress we are old enough to see that living a healthy life with the opportunities we are given is always a good thing. Online classes did cause some the distress in my college experience it been a challenge because I have never been the type to follow and read all the instructions when I am busy and being home around all the distractions became a problem with my study time. That was why I was a litle distress at time. I have learned that details and carefully reading instructions keeping a schedule is absolutely necessary in avoiding negative stress. When I experience distress I remind myself that knowledge is power and that usually replaces all the distress with a eustresss experience. It is also absolutely important to know the basics of living a healthy life to keep control and managing a healthy balance in the stress that comes along with a college experience. That is why a health class like Kinlec 15 was important to take during these online classes.The projects/activities/assignments gave me chance to incorporate some healthy habits during these semester which has given me a positive stress.


Please only provide a response to the 2 students above. – word limit 200 – 300 for each student response.

Thank You.

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