Since Altitude Online is in the business of online marketing, its online presence is of the utmost importance. Clients and potential clients will judge Altitude Online’s capabilities from the treatment of its Web site. Altitude Online has its developers refresh its Web site and its associated e-commerce components annually so that the site can act as a showcase for Altitude Online talent.

Since Altitude Online is a consultancy and services organization, it doesn’t sell products that can be shipped or downloaded, so its Web site provides limited e-commerce features. The site’s primary function is to serve as a catalog for the services provided by the company. Its goals include:

·    Provide easy-to-understand descriptions of the services provided by Altitude Online with compelling reasons for why these services are essential for businesses

·    Demonstrate Altitude Online services through use in its own site, and by spotlighting successful businesses that have used Altitude Online services

·    Provide a dynamic, engaging site design that engages visitors and draws them in to explore more detail

·    Provide community features that allow visitors to interact with agents within the company

·    Capture information about visitors including site activities and contact information for those interested in learning more

Altitude Online organized its site according to its business’ organizational structure, with six primary hubs each associated with one business unit: Online Marketing Optimization, Customer Insight, Online Market Segmentation, Online Marketing ROI, Effective Web Design, and Online Brand Building. Each hub incorporates corporate branding along with unique features related to the business unit. Descriptions of the service and the benefits provided to the customer are provided along with a customer spotlight and additional case studies.

The site also includes an In the News page with links to recent articles about the company published by magazines and newspapers. A community feature offers a corporate blog that is updated each week along with a discussion board where visitors can post questions and comments. The community section is linked to Altitude Online’s Facebook page and Twitter account to provide multiple avenues for posting and reading comments.

Altitude Online puts its best designers on the project to ensure that its Web site is engaging and highlights the most current technologies. Nothing is more detrimental to a Web company than to have a site that uses out-of-date technologies.

Altitude Online’s upcoming maintenance and update of its Web site will require a bit more effort with the addition of the new ERP system. As the ERP system is developed, Altitude Online will need to be conscious of changes that may affect its online presence. However, since the site isn’t used for transaction data or to provide a catalog of products, there is no connection between the site and the back end business systems that run the company. However, as the ERP system is developed, Altitude Online is considering providing a B2B system that will allow customers to set up an online account with Altitude Online.

Question:      How will the new ERP system impact Altitude Online’s Web presence?



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