For this assignment, choose one of your earlier writing assignments and do a substantial revision. For full credit you must turn in the revised writing AND a short (1-2 paragraph) and specific description about how you revised the earlier piece. Specifically, include:

  1. A description of how you responded to at least 3 weakness in the prior draft. These can be a combination of items we pointed out in our comments, and items that you independently identified as able to be improved.
  1. Be specific. For example, “The earlier comments indicated that this paragraph (Page XX, 2ndparagraph in original) was not well organized and made several points that were not consistent with the topic sentence. I have rewritten this as two paragraphs….”

Or “The following statement (on page XX of original) was identified as factually incorrect. I have consulted the original source (GIVE SOURCE) and corrected it (see page XX of new submission).

  1. The best way to approach this assignment is to start with an outline/draft of the “how I revised” paragraph, then do the revision, then go back to the paragraphs describing the revision and finalize them.
  1. IT IS especially important to proofread this time. Even if we did not mark something, you should read through carefully to look for grammar, spelling, and other editing mistakes.
  1. Finally, add a sentence or two about what surprised you about your earlier writing as you went through this revision process, and explain how you will incorporate that into future writing that you do.

Your grade will be based on a combination of how responsive you are to these revision instructions, and the quality of the revised assignment relative to the same rubric we’ve used throughout the quarter.


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