Aspects of Design

January 16, 2021

Write an elevator pitch (1,200 words) about three subjects — Childcare transportation, food security, based on following words and attached files by APA style.

Answer the questions – Why should they fund you (but don’t use that question in your pitch)?

  1. Bullet points benefits and outcomes would be helpful.
  2. Think of yourself as a potential funder.
  3. Remember you have to keep their attention so they will continue to read. The beginning and ending are most important (and most memorable).

You might research

  1. How the activities mentioned above help/support people.
  2. Poverty and children (1 in 5 children live in poverty, 13.5% live in poverty overall but 20% are children).
  3. Quantifying the impact of some of the services they want to provide
  4. Research as much as possible to get the information you need to set up (and determine) the value proposition for this program.

PS: 1. Need 1,200 words. 2. Use the graphs or charts (from the “Needs Assessment PCHA.docx”) for each subjects(Childcare transportation, food security) 3. Write the references by APA style.


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