Resilience Project Presentation

Students will create a Powerpoint presentation on the topic of resilience for military families. The presentation will address 5-7 key aspects of resilience for military families and/or strategies for building resilience in military families. The presentation will include embedded audio narration in each slide (a simple feature of PowerPoint), or a complete Word file written script of the presentation, whichever method the student prefers. The presentation must include a title slide, outline slide, a slide with at least three learning objectives for the audience, a slide describing the intended audience and setting for presentation, the main body slides, a summary/conclusion slide, and 1-2 references slides in correct APA format. The presentation must include integration of biblical principles with the presented material, either spread out among the slides, or as a separated slide(s). At least six peer-reviewed references must be used, which may include textbooks and articles assigned in the course. Most presentations will be about 12-18 slides long. Additional embedded videos can be included, but the entire presentation, whether narrated by audio or read from a script, should last 15-20 minutes. Please see the attached grading rubric in for the grading criteria to ensure maximum points for this assignment.

General Format

  • Submission is a Powerpoint slide show
  • Submission includes embedded audio or a separate written script in a Word file
  • Slides are visually appealing and professional; supportive artwork is encouraged, but slides should not look crowded or have more than about 10 lines of text
  • Presentation is about 15-20 minute long

Outline Content

  • Contains require slides: title, outline, learning objectives, intended audience and delivery setting, summary/conclusion
  • Contains 5-7 main points on resilience for military families
  • Points are shown to be relevant for the target audience
  • Major points are supported by reading/lecture material or outside sources and cited on the slides
  • Biblical principles are integrated into the presentation among several slides or as a separate slide(s)


  • Includes 1-2 references slides list in correct APA style
  • Includes the required number of appropriate references
  • All references are cited in the presentation

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