In 2012, Domino’s Pizza changed the company’s name to Domino’s, so they dropped the word pizza. After that, they added a number of meals such as sandwiches, pasta, salads, chicken wings, chocolate lava and others. So, they developed the menu because in the past they just offered pizza. In 2012, there was a significant evolution in the delivery service as well as added screens inside their branches، in which the customer can view his or her request and control the steps of demand, and minutes of waiting with comfortable waiting area. Also, they have an App through it the consumers can use it for their orders.

Please make sure it is fact based vs opinion.

Why they did those changes?

What is the purpose of those changes?

What is their business plan for that?

How this plan became successful?

How changes affected their customers? the old and new customers.

Has Domino’s received new customers after changes? HOW?

What are the objectives of the company in those changes?

and this kind of questions …. should be in this term paper.

PLEASE PLEASE make sure you have the ability to do it, it’s worth by 225 points.

Again make sure it is fact not opinions.


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