The Integrated Management Project (IMP)

How the Unit works

IMP – spans across two semesters and the feedback is formative in IMP1.

There are two submissions in IMP1 :

1. The first submission is a short proposal of 350-500 words which identifies and describes a current workplace problem or issue; theories, tools and techniques available to provide a business solution; and how the various parts of the business / organisation come into play, i.e. the integrated nature of the problem is critical here.

This means drawing on your previous and current units in your MBA – Leading and Managing People, Leadership styles and qualities from LP 1 & LP2, Accounting & Finance, Marketing, Competing in a Global Context, Operations and Project Management, Strategy, Entrepreneurship etc. It is important that you should identify the problem within your own organisation.

In-text references and citations are not required at this stage

Note: am working in Galfar Engineering and Contracting

its construction company so you can put any issue you feel it, its suitable for construction company


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