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Write about one law related to financial management in health care organizations. False Claims Act

a cover page and a list of references at the end of the paper in APA
Format. Paper will be double spaced and be 4-5 pages in 12 point New
Times Roman font.

The assignment is to be written in clear, concise narrative. All sections in the outline for Assignment #2 are required.

Must use the headings from the outline below in your paper and the
paper must be in narrative form not outline or bullet format. A penalty
will be deducted from paper if underlined headings not used in your

1. Name of the Law and or laws:

State the
official title of the federal and/or state law, the statute and section
number. Must be either a federal statute or state statute and you must
cite both if applicable. Thus if there is both a federal and state law
that covers your subject picked then you must cite both. Do not assume
that there is just a federal and or state law. In most cases there is
both a federal and state law. You must use the laws cited in this
section throughout the rest of the paper.

2. Management’s Financial Responsibilities:

are the health care organization’s responsibilities under this
financial management statute you stated above? Provide a comprehensive
discussion of three (3) specific responsibilities under the financial
management statute. State specifically after each responsibility where
this responsibility is stated in the federal or state law. Describe the
appropriate behavior and expectation. Include the citations and source
of documents describing the organization’s responsibilities.

  1. Consequences for Ethical or Legal Breach:

in general the civil and criminal consequences from the law. Then
identify from the news, three (3) specific case examples of health care
organizations or health care providers found guilty of a legal or
ethical breach relative to the law you have cited in first part of
paper. Identify the specific legal and/or ethical breach and the
penalties assessed to the health service organizations and/or
individuals found guilty of violating the law or ethics [provide
citation of law]. At the end of each case, discuss in detail whether you
agree or not with the decision and why. Bring in the facts of the case
to support your comments. Students should use a minimum of three (3)
documented specific examples retrieved from the print media.

  1. HCO Management’s remedial steps to reverse the non-compliance organizations:

in detail three (3) specific management actions or remedial steps you
would take to ensure the financial management in the health care
organization meets or exceeds the federal law or state law relative to
the requirements of the law you cited above. Discuss specifically how
each of the three management actions specifically meets or exceeds the
specific federal or state law you cited. Note: These actions may include
specific uses of technology, procedures, human resource training, and
other management tools. However these action steps must be within the
control of a manager.

5. Conclusion: Summary your findings above

  1. Reference List [APA Format]

The paper must be:

  • Be
    sure and use the underlined headings found in the outline below in your
    paper. Paper must be in narrative format not outline or bullets.
  • Double spaced and be 4-5 pages in 12 point New Times Roman font.
  • Include
    a cover page [not counted as a page] which should have student name and
    title of your paper [Provide a short name for the legal responsibility
    the specific health care organization has for one type of patient right
    in a specific setting ]
  • A the end of the paper a list of references in APA Format [not counted as a page]
  • Be prepared using word-processing software and saved with a .doc, .docx, or .rtf extension. No pdf.
  • The paper is to be posted in Assignment #2 drop box.
  • Must cite to the source for all your facts in the text of your paper in APA format.

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