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Topic : Medical Error. Prepare a summary document using the table format below. The table
should be single spaced and no more than 3-4 pages in length (11 to 12
point font). Except in the case of titles, use complete sentences, i.e.,
write using narrative format. Include a cover page and a list of
references (this is separate from the summary pages).

  1. HGMT420 Quality Topic Research SummaryStudent NameType your name here.Quality TopicProvide the name of the quality topic chosen.Quality Topic DescriptionProvide
    a detailed description and origins of the quality topic chosen.
    Indicate in detail who is affected (and how) by this topic (healthcare
    providers, patients, healthcare organizations, etc.).
    legislation and/or policies related to the quality topic chosen.
    Provide a detailed description of the policies/legislation. Describe the
    scope of the legislation and how it impacts the organization,
    providers, and patients.
    Regulatory Agencies that implement policies and enforce legislation
    related to the quality topic chosen. Discuss in detail at least three
    ConclusionIndicate any upcoming
    changes, regulations, etc. that will impact the quality topic chosen.
    What does the future hold for this issue? How should healthcare leaders
    manage this issue in their organizations?

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