Step 2: Develop your hypothesis. You may focus on one of the trends — or write a paper about all three trends if you prefer. You should develop a research question that you will investigate in the paper you will write this week. And yes, you may need to conduct further research (beyond just the initial sources you had on your preliminary reference list).

Step 3: Write your paper (five to seven full pages PLUS a title page and reference list).

Please give your paper a meaningful title; “Trends in my Profession” is not especially meaningful. You should mention your profession in the title. For example, the title could be “Trends in International Finance” (if writing about three trends) or “Trends in Trade Protectionism” (if writing about just one of the trends you identified).

In order to be in contention for an “A” on Project 2, you must use scholarly journal articles – or at least business journals – to inform your paper. You may use other resources as well (except Wikipedia which you should never use for any of your assignments).

You should have nine (or more) resources on your reference list. Note that anything on the reference list should be cited in the paper (and any information in the paper that comes from a resource needs to be included on the reference list). So if you didn’t use a particular resource from your draft reference list to inform your final paper, please remove it from the final reference list.

Again, here are some helpful hints for writing your “Trends in My Profession” paper:

* Remember that you are researching trends in your profession (rather than trends in your job). There may be some overlap, but don’t box yourself in too much because it will make it difficult to find appropriate sources to inform your paper. For example, a profession is working in information technology, but a job is working in IT at Company XYZ.

* You should be using the UMUC library to find the majority of your sources. Your sources should be scholarly journal articles and business journals. In addition, there may be a few newspaper articles and professional websites (e.g., the International Association of XYZ Professionals). But you must have several academic resources.


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