Research can be divided into three broad areas: descriptive, qualitative, and quantitative.  Some researchers subsume descriptive research (archival) as quantitative.  However, for this discussion, we are considering it a separate kind, as descriptive research can fall into either area: qualitative or quantitative.  Your assignment for this discussion is to prepare a 250-300 word post differentiating qualitative, quantitative, and analysis of availability data.  Identify those attributes that form the essence of these three research venues.  Respond to at least two of your classmates’ postings.

Questions that might be considered:

  • What are the differences in types of data / information      among the three venues?
  • What are the expected outcomes when using each kind?      For example, does using available data enable one to determine cause and      effect?
  • Which venue utilizes narrative and observation as a      data source?
  • What are some advantages / disadvantages for each research      venue?

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