You will create your own creation myth using one or more of the nine types of creation cosmogonies outlined by Marta Weigle and based in the types of Leonard and McClure authors of Myth and Knowing (p43):

Division/Consummation/Cosmic Egg
Emergence Myths/ Opening in the Earth
Two Creators/Primordial Parents
Deus Faber/Creator God/Craftsman
Ex Nihilo Beginnings

Your creation cosmogony should include at least 3 characters created in one of the above listed ways. Try to incorporate some of the elements you have encountered in the myths we have been reading into your own cosmogony. You can base your cosmogony on your own family experiences attributing characteristics from the cosmogonies we have read onto your own family members (this is especially fun when you make your pesky sibling the dark character). You can also make up a creation cosmogony from the depths of your own imagination. Remember your cosmogony is meant to instruct, educate, and guide people into a civilized society. My purpose in assigning you this particular assignment is to ascertain your understanding of the types, themes, tropes, and symbols of the mythology we have discussed thus far in the semester.

Your myth should be 3-5 double spaced pages (12 pt. type-no fancy fonts please). Please make sure to spell check your work and use proper punctuation. No texting language or abbreviated words please. and do not just retell a myth with distinctive character names. I need to see some attempt at creativity, and some idea that you know recognize the ideas that we have discussed


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