Write an op ed piece for a major English-language newspaper.

  • It must be a minimum of 3 complete pages—and absolutely no more than 3 ½ pages—typed double-spaced in a 12-point font.


  • It’s due at Lecture on Tuesday, March 29.


  • Pay careful attention to the requirements and the ingredients that go into writing a successful op-ed piece.


See the policy on late Assignments (Course Syllabus) and Guidelines for Writing Assignments (both on Blackboard).  Electronic submission will NOT be accepted.


N.B.  Use our course textbooks for most of your information on the subject you choose to write about.  While you may import information from other sources, BEWARE of relying too heavily on outside sources.  Wikipedia and other encyclopedic sources are NOT acceptable.  This op ed must largely represent your knowledge and not someone else’s.


Choose from one of the following ancient lives a key moment, encounter, decision, or action that best defines the individual.  Describe that moment, encounter, etc., and tell us what sort of wisdom it can offer us about an important issue in our public OR private life today.


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