Project Three

For Strategic Management MBA6900, there are a total of three individual assignments; called Projects. These assignments are incremental in nature; meaning, that portions of each assignment may -in some manner- add or complement the final project. Consequently, the Projects are intertwined, rather than built in isolation.

This assignment requires the Student to accomplish the following tasks.

  1. Use the case selected in week four,
  2. Submit revised case introduction (if required),
  3. Submit revised problem statement (if required),
  4. Submit revised root cause(s) (if required),
  5. Submit revised proposed solutions and justifications (if required),
  6. Add ‘implications’ of how leadership styles may help/hinder your solutions,
  7. Add ‘reflections’ on how this assignment sparked leadership development in you
  8. Add APA ‘References’


  • Case # 29: Heineken (From textbook 8th Edition)
  • Case # 33: Is one Ford really working (From textbook 8th Edition)
  • Case # 35: Cirque de soleil (From textbook 8th Edition)
  • Case # 5: Going for broke (From textbook 6th Edition)
  • Case # 6: American International Group and the Bonus fiasco (From Textbook 6th Edition)

Book: Strategic Management text and cases 8th Edition/

Autor: Dess,Gregory; McNamara,Gerry; Eisner,Alan /

ISBN: 9781259303494, 1259303497/

Plublisher: McGraw-Hill Higher Education/

Copyright: 2016


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