please write 10 pages paper about the new Economic city in Saudi Arabia (Neom) include introduction, bodies, and conclusion. Make sure to cover the below pointes in the writing,

  • General conditional of the economy in Saudi Arabia
  • International Trade in Saudi Arabia
  • FDI, GDP of Saudi Arabia
  • Intrudes Neom Project.
  • the Cost of Neom
  • the area where Neom will be
  • Neom FDI
  • Neom GDP
  • The industry in Neom.
  • tariff

here is some information and articles I collected about the subject,

  • from the Greek neo, meaning new, and the Arabic mostaqbal, meaning future).
  • 10,200 square miles) and along 468km of coast
  • NEOM will operate under its own rules rather than those of the rest of the kingdom.
  • Energy is to come entirely from renewable sources, thanks to an abundance of sun and wind.
  • It will supposedly attract $500bn of investment, from the kingdom’s Public Investment Fund and international backers.
  • By 2030, its GDP is expected to top $100 billion, equivalent to about a sixth of Saudi Arabia’s current economy

in the beginning, I want to talk about the Economy in Saudi Arabia as Introduction after that intrudes (Neom) and how it will affect the economy of Saudi Arabia and the neighbor countries. The most important part is the Economy before and after (Neom).

thank you


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