The War off tha Wordz

Writing and communication is such an important tool in your academic toolbox. If you’re a clear writer, your audience has no problems in distinguishing your meanings, your purpose, and your support. But, if your writing isn’t clear, then bad things can happen.

Let’s take a look at some scenarios where proofreading and stop your readers mid-sentence. Choose one of these scenarios and comment on the best approach to fix the sentence and the ramifications of the proofreading issues.

  1. U R constantly using text language in your English course.

  2. You’re messaging your significant other and you mention that they are “defiantly bautiful”.

  3. Your chose the topic, for your assignment sets in CIS105: “Dogs is better then cats”.

  4. You’re getting into the Realty Business and you’re listing your first house. In the listing you mention that the house “has a heated poo in the back yard.”


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